"Foundation Harmonized Society" non-government organization

Who are we?

NGO "Foundation Harmonized Society" was founded in 2010 to combat all types of violence, especially, domestic and sexual violence, child abuse, fighting human trafficking and support all types of vulnerable groups in Ukrainian society.

Our mission:

Our mission is to work towards the elimination of all forms of violence by helping to build a society where victims can actually be and feel safe.

Our mandate and goal:

The main goal is to decrease gender-based violence in Ukrainian society and to support the sustainable development and effectiveness of Crisis Centers, in order to provide quality services to victims of violence.

We work to:

• Eliminate domestic violence and human trafficking;

• Protect and support vulnerable groups in society;

• Promote and unify direct service programs;

• Empower all victims;

• Alert and educate the general public;

• Promote partnerships to accomplish the above goals.