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Dear Colleagues,

This year was a very interesting year for our organization. We have started new projects that cover three main directions of help to those who is in need: combating domestic violence, fighting with the trafficking in human beings in Ukraine and providing assistance to the victims of Ukrainian protests on Maidan and their families, soldiers who are taking part in the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbas now, and members of their families, as well as the families of dead soldiers. 

But this time I would like to share with you another side of our everyday work. Every year, two months before the holiday season starts, our organization is putting a box in the office and asking children to write their letters to Santa.

Usually, we read the letters and our volunteer dressed like a Santa Clause goes to underprivileged children, reads stories, plays and deliver the presents.

This year I started to read the letters to be ready in advance and you know some of the letters are very sad, some of them are funny. One child wants a model of a Princess Anna (from Frozen cartoon), another wants a ton of stickers to "stick places like home but not on the windows", a Lego set or a truck and many other requests.

This year I have noticed that a lot of kids just asking for stuff for their little brothers or sisters, because the mom had just been laid off or their dad has been "too sad to work” or not at home because he is fighting at war. 

But the most heartbreaking letter was from a girl that is 10 years old. In her letter she said: “Dear Santa, I am not mad at you for not coming to me last year and I hope you will be able to stop by this year. I was a very good girl during this year. I have learned a lot of new at school, got new friends, was helping my mom with a little sister and a brother. I was strong when my father went to meet with the Angels in the heaven and did not cry much. If possible please bring some present for my sister Nastia, she is 4 years old and she wants a new winter coat; and for my brother, Taras, he is 2 years old and he wants new winter boots. I have my boots from the last year, a little bit tight but I will be ok. And for my mom please bring glasses. She is crying a lot and her eyes are red and she could not read stories for us anymore. I am not asking anything for myself. I just want peace for Ukraine and if possible to come back home. Thank you very much Santa Clause!”

It broke my heart in a way this picture shows me the reality of our life now. Please pray for Ukraine and let make this Christmas for this kids special! 


Please support our projects by donating money, time and sharing your love.

I do strongly believe that alone we could do so little and only together we can do so much!

With best wishes,
Natalia Gryschenko